Certification Candidates

Certification candidates are individuals who practice in the construction field, are physically involved in product installation, are seeking certification through this program and wish to take the InstallationMasters® certification exam.

Eligibility Requirements

Certification candidates with one or more year of installation experience on a construction site physically installing products in the rough opening may participate in installer training and certification classes sponsored by an InstallationMasters accredited instructor.

How to Register

Individuals participating in an InstallationMasters Training and Certification Program class sponsored by an InstallationMasters accredited instructor must fill out and submit the registration form along with the following registration materials to the accredited instructor who will be teaching the class.

  • Registration forms: Original Program | Replacement Program
  • Letter from past or present employer or other verifiable evidence demonstrating a minimum of one year of work experience on a construction site physically installing fenestration products in the rough opening
  • Printed or electronic photo of yourself (clear headshot)
  • A copy of a signed government-issued photo identification card (driver license, passport, etc.)
  • Full non-refundable registration fee made payable to the instructor teaching the class