"The valuable training that was provided by the InstallationMasters® Program has made me a much more efficient installer for my company and made it possible for me [as a trainer] to pass on valuable installation techniques to our less experienced installers. This has helped our company reduce our call-backs and increase our profitability by leaps and bounds." Dan Hudnall - Century Glass

"The InstallationMasters two-day class provides key information for window and door installation. This program has helped BF Rich decrease dealer call-backs due to faulty installations and has increased the closing ratio for retail sales companies promoting our products." Chris Lorber - BF Rich Company

"Enrolling in the Accredited Instructor class was more rewarding than any of us [at Foxworth Galbraith]] had anticipated. Having certified installers allows us to set ourselves apart from the competition and allows us to offer our customers an installation that we can stand behind with a guarantee, and consequently, [we] have doubled our window sales for two consecutive years." Joe Merritt - Foxworth Galbraith Lumber Company

"As a manufacturer and supplier of all types of window and door products, we continually need to work with our customers on installation issues.... as an estimated 80 percent of product problems are a result of poor installation, impacting not only the cost of doing business, but also the products' end users: Our Customers. The InstallationMasters program gave us the ability to address all of these needs." Roger Coker - All Weather Windows

"As Division Service Manager, I had experienced years of problems with installations that caused Philips Products and many other companies untold massive amounts of dollars to correct. I decided that this program was something we needed to be involved in. I think this program is one of the best things that has ever been instituted in our industry and has helped us in lowering our service costs, as well as achieving some real credibility with installers and builders all over the country. They believe in the InstallationMasters Training and Certification Program, and so do we." Allen Jernigan - Philips Products, Inc.

"Although I have more than 35 years of experience in the building products industry, I feel it is imperative to stay current on issues that affect our ability to properly serve our customer base, as well as help to protect our company. I feel that [the InstallationMasters Program] has provided these benefits. As a distributor, we are merely passing through products that are produced by others. Therefore, when we have an opportunity to add value to our service, while gaining a greater understanding of field use, we are always anxious to participate. We have blended this program into our internal training program for the purpose of educating our fenestration specialists on the latest processes and standards in regards to window installation. With this knowledge, we have a greater confidence and ability to assist our customer base and also help them understand the necessity to properly install & seal windows and doors. Armed with this knowledge, we are also better prepared to respond to challenges that traditionally were attributed to poor product, but may truly be related to faulty installation. In doing so, we are able to better protect our company's interests. Since the program's inception, we have trained dozens & dozens of our personnel in addition to the trade, both customers and prospects, which has both increased our sales and profits. I am an avid supporter of this concept and especially this program in particular. I look forward to additional programs to the RLC-1." Rick Pagano - InstallationMasters Instructor National Director - Government Sales Division Allied Building Products Corp