Installer Recertification

InstallationMasters® certified installers for the Original, Combined, Replacement and New Construction programs will be contacted with complete details about registering for recertification approximately three months prior to their expiration date. If your contact information has changed since you enrolled in the training course, please contact to update your information.

To become recertified for a period of four years, the recertification exam must be taken and you must pass the exam with a score of at least 80 percent.

Online Recertification

  • Within the email regarding recertification, a link will be provided to order the recertification exam via the online store. The recertification exam fee is $150 or $200, depending on the program segment, and can be paid via credit card.
  • Once payment has been remitted, you will receive another email providing a link to the online recertification exam.
  • Within the exam, installers will be required to answer 36 questions related to training content and will also be asked to provide contact information to ensure our records are up to date.
  • Please reference the InstallationMasters Installer Training Manual that was used during your initial training class to answer the questions on the recertification exam. For available editions of the applicable program manuals, visit the online store. If you completed training prior to 2017, The current edition of the Original Program training manual is 2016.
  • The exam must be completed within 30 days of receiving the online exam link. Failure to complete the exam within 30 days will require full payment to re-order the exam. Please note that the exam will not automatically save if an installer is unable to complete the exam during one session.
  • Results will be available immediately after completing the exam.
  • After passing the exam, an updated certification certificate and ID badge will be mailed within one week of email notification of successful recertification.
  • If an installer fails, the exam may be retaken. The retest fee is $150, and the retest can be purchased using the link provided in your recertification test results email.

If needed, contact to arrange alternate offline test-taking.

New Interim Policy for Instructors who also Hold the Installer Certification Credential

  • Hold at least two qualifying* installer training classes during your current accreditation period and you can renew your installer certification by paying the renewal fee only (no recertification exam required)
  • If you hold one qualifying* installer training class during your current accreditation period and complete the installer recertification process (pay the fee/take the recertification exam and pass with at least 80%), the recertification process will count as your second installer training class and allow you to renew your instructor credential at the lowest available renewal rate
  • If no qualifying* installer training classes are held during your accreditation period, the published installer and instructor renewal fees and re-exams would apply

*Classes must meet published minimum size requirements in order to qualify for the exam waiver and/or as the second installer training class

This interim recertification renewal option is being extended to qualified, currently accredited InstallationMasters instructors until further notice.