Self-Study Certification Candidates

Certification candidates are individuals who practice in the construction field, are physically involved in product installation, are seeking certification through this program and wish to take the InstallationMasters® certification exam.

Eligibility Requirements

Certification candidates who meet one or more of the following criteria and do not wish to participate in a training class may participate in the self-study program where they study independently in lieu of classroom training and then take the exam.

  • High school diploma or high school equivalent exam and six or more years’ experience installing windows and doors.
  • A.A. Degree or trade school certificate and three or more years’ experience installing windows and doors.
  • B.S. Degree or higher in Construction Engineering and two or more years’ experience installing windows and doors.

How to Register

Individuals participating as self-study certification candidates in the InstallationMasters® Training and Certification Program must fill out and submit the registration form along with the following registration materials and applicable fees to FGIA.

  • Self-Study Registration Form
  • Eligibility Verification Form - Human Resources Representative or Corporate Executive must verify that certification candidate has a minimum of one year of field experience physically installing window/door on job sites
  • Proof of education by copies of college (or trade school) transcript and/or high school diploma.
  • A copy of a valid, signed government-issued photo identification card (driver license, passport, etc.)
  • Full non-refundable registration fee made payable to FGIA.
  •  $400 (Replacement or New Construction only) or $425 (Combined Program)

After registration materials are received and approved, self-study certification candidates will receive a training manual, an access link to training videos and a confirmation letter including instructions on how to schedule the online proctored exam. The exam must be scheduled within 90 days of the day participants receive training materials, and self-study certification candidates must contact two weeks prior to their intended exam date.